iOS 10, OS X 10.12, Apple A10 chip, and where this is all headed


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Jun 12, 2014
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Things are aligning in a weird way we haven't seen the likes of at Apple, EVER. Next year, if Apple follows its pattern, the iPhone 7 will be released with an A10 inside; the iPad line will be updated with an A10X chip; both of these will ship with iOS 10; let's not forget OS X, which will be updated to 10.12... alignment of the tens, see? This alignment may be the perfect marketing reason to shift Apple's Mac strategy. No, I'm not claiming the Mac will go away. Nor am I claiming the Apple + Intel relationship will sour. In fact, my prediction is for the exact opposite: The Mac will be more important than ever to Apple, due to being based on the Apple A10Y and A10Z processors; the A10Y will basically be an A10X with more cores. I'm guessing the A10Y will have 8 to 16 cores, and will be used in the laptop lines. The A10Z would be based on the A10Y, but with 16 to 64 cores (64 reserved for the Mac Pro), and with souped up graphics capabilities too. Apple knows how good Intel is at running chip fabrication, so Apple simultaneously announces a change in their partnership with Intel: Apple would use Intel as the supplier of the A10Y and the A10Z. The A10 and A10X would continue to be shared between TSMC and Samsung. Finally, to top the icing on this cake I've been building... OS X gets a shiny new file system. Not based on ZFS as so many had hoped, but rather BTRFS, for licensing and compatibility reasons. Mind you, BTRFS is pretty darn good compared to ZFS, and even has some features ZFS doesn't... all this would be dropped like a bombshell at WWDC 2016! :D


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May 13, 2015
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I want to see macOS and unification between all OS. Why can't I display my iPhone or Apple TV on my Mac natively? Will Mac App Store be re design? Will iOS App Store be better organized? Will Mac GUI be updated to at least look like those on iOS? (For ex. The mail app.) will iOS apps communicate better with itself? Take a bill that's been emailed to you and pin it to calendar, to remind you of it on a certain day and time. Will Mac finally be able to compete with PC in gaming? Can more apps work outside of iOS? (Ex. Pages, numbers, keynotes working well with others like google drive.)

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