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Jul 7, 2009
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FINALLY East Coast iPhone Development Classes!

This is an introductory 4-day course for developers with little to no experience with the Mac and Object-Oriented Application Design as it applies to the Objective-C language and the iPhone SDK as well.

This course is an excellent introduction to the fundamental skill sets required to successfully develop applications for the Apple iPhone.

It is also suitable to self-taught iPhone developers who feel that a better foundation in the underlying language and concepts will make them better developers.

In order to develop native applications for the iPhone, you must develop on a Mac using the Objective-C language and Apple's extensive Foundation and UIKit libraries.

The iPhone includes additional frameworks to support core view animation, data persistence, location, the iPhone's accelerometer and proximity sensors as well as its camera and microphone, OpenGL graphics, and a host of other functions.

For these reasons, a fundamental understanding of Objective-C, Apple's development environment, Xcode, and the MVC (Model-View-Controller) paradigm is necessary to reach your potential as a professional iPhone application developer.

These are not necessarily easy-to-grasp concepts, but by the end of this course you'll be prepared to take on any continuing education in iPhone or Mac development.

The approach to this course is very hands-on, so you can get your questions answered by the instructor and learn by building real applications.

You'll learn some of the tricks of the trade to start learning iPhone application development, and reinforce the materials available through books.

Class size 10 to 15 allow for ample hands-on instruction with the Instructor.

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