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Jan 14, 2011
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Hello to everyone at iMore. I joined this community over a year ago switching from the BlackBerry Platform to iPhone 4S which I currently have and love and just ordered a new iPad 4 w/ Retina display.

I am a single guy living on the West Coast of Sunny Florida in Sarasota which touts the best beach in the country called "Siesta Key" which is a big attraction for you Canadians...:D.

I am only 5'8" John :( but Hey! I live with it. I am a long distance cyclist as well as an avid Motorcyclist too since I administer a very big Motorcycle dealership where I live responsible for the service and warranty end of things. When not doing that I love IndyCar and Formula 1 and looking forward to attending the 2 IndyCar races this year in Toronto as well as in St. Petersburg near my home.

Anyway now you all know a bit about me and this is why I also started the other post here to thank everyone else for their kindness. I will always do my best to assist and help anyone to pay forward what I learned from others here.

I love my life, where I live and my Chocolate Lab named Iggy ( From the Iggy Pop Music Days) for those who remember.

Peace to all and great holiday's to everyone.

PS if anyone would like to follow me on Twitter you can link to me from my profile or search for me on Twitter at: JanMorrisFLA. Hope you take me up on it and I hope to see all of you there.
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Sep 20, 2009
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Thanks for sharing! Keep up the support and I attended my 1st Indy race this year at the new track in Austin,TX. One word, Incredible!!

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