Inside light leaking on back


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Jun 21, 2010
So I had a strategy, and it worked (for the most part). My strategy started a month ago, to get a little extra Christmas money in I decided to sell my iPhone 4 and use a BlackBerry I had laying around. My thought process was that a lot of people would be getting the iPhone 4S for Christmas, and would be selling their old iPhone 4 right after, so I could sell high before the holiday's for those looking to purchase an iPhone 4 as a gift, and then buy low after Christmas from those who got their new iPhone 4S and just wanted to get rid of their older model.

I sold my iPhone 4 for $350 with the box and a couple of cases. Then once Christmas passed, I waited patiently. Sure enough, as predicted, Craig's List was soon overloaded with iPhone 4's for sale. I was able to find a mint condition iPhone 4 (16gb) white converted with the box listed for $300. What was better was that it was running 5.0.1 and was jailbroken (how, I do not know lol). Anyways, since it wasn't OEM white, but rather just a new white housing to replace the old black one, I was able to talk him down to $250 ... I think I got a really good deal out of that.

The only thing I've noticed, is that since it is a third party (and I would assume a cheap version) housing, there is some light from the inside of the phone leaking through the sides of the back cover. Mainly where the SIM card tray is, and right behind the metal band there, when it's dark in the room and my iPhone is on, you can definitely see lighting shining through there. It's not bad, but it's definitely noticeable that it's not OEM. Otherwise the iPhone is in perfect condition because the housing is brand new, and it works perfectly. I thought maybe the jailbreak was tethered, but I've rebooted and restarted the iPhone several times and it's reloaded like normal - so maybe somehow this guy got an untethered jailbreak for this iOS? I don't know, maybe things have changed in the month I was away lol.

I picked up a Ballistic SG case, so I don't see the light leaking. Even a bumper would cover that up since it's only on the edges. So really, as long as it's not naked, it's not noticeable at all. Aside from cases/bumpers, I'm assuming there's no fix for that unless I get a better housing?


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Jan 3, 2012
When you replace a cracked screen, you have to break the seal that goes around the edge of the entire phone. The seal is black and it keeps it dustproof, waterproof, as well as keep the light on the front from leaking out the back. I guessing he changed the screen at some point since he's bad enough to jail break it lol


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Mar 24, 2012
If light is leaking through the back cover it's likely he replaced either the frame or the back cover with inferior parts. The back cover is a pretty quick fix, but replacing the frame can be a bit more involved.

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