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Incipio Feather vs. Cygnett AeroGrip For iPhone 5


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Feb 3, 2009
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I loved the Incipio Feather that I had on my iPhone 4S. When I upgraded to the iPhone 5 I of course assumed I would get the same case, just the new version. Unfortunately the Feather for the iPhone 5 doesn't fit nearly as well as the previous models. I think it has to do with the chamfered edges on the iPhone 5. For whatever reason Incipio hasn't yet figured out how to make the Feather fit right.

If you grab the Feather right above the mute switch, you'll notice that there's way too much give. It's like it's not "locked in" to the phone like previous versions. At first I thought I just had a bad case, but I've since tried probably 10 other Feather cases for the iPhone 5 and they all have the same issue. As much as I loved the case on my old iPhone 4S, I just couldn't live with the poor fit of the new version. It doesn't fit nearly as well as it should.

So that made me start searching for another snap-on case (I like something to protect the back and sides, but don't like most cases as they are too bulky for my taste). I didn't find anything else I liked, and was about to order the CaseMate Barely There online. Today at lunch however I stopped into MicroCenter to see what they had. Much to my surprise I found a perfect replacement for the Incipio Feather....it's called the "AeroGrip Feel" by Cygnett.

It has the same soft-touch black color that I liked with The Feather. It fits great, no "play" at all when it's on the phone. It has some dimples down each side to add a little grip. It comes with a screen shield, a little plastic card for applying the shield, and a small micofiber cloth.

The best part? It was only $18.99! I'm pretty sure the Incipio Feather is $29.99.

All in all I love the case so far and highly recommend it to anyone looking for a thin snap-on case. It's just what I was looking for. I will post some pictures this evening.


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Aug 11, 2010
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This is case iMore was kind enough to gift me from the contest (though mine was pink). I do like it a lot, my only small complaint is that I find it a bit slippery.

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Sep 5, 2011
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Cool I 'll be looking out for the pics. Sounds a little like the Incipio Faxion I have except mine is a hard exterior but the interior is a softer like gel material. The Faxion fits good and gives a little better grip and has a raised edge around the screen so if you lay it face down the screen doesn't touch.

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