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Apr 10, 2009
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iNap@Work ($.99)
iNap@Work Application Description:

Would you like to become more productive at work? Restore your creative juices? Or just plain work off last night?s excesses?

Today?s fast-paced work environment can be extremely tiring, and experts agree that the best way to fight overwhelming fatigue can be a series of short ?power naps? throughout the day. Unfortunately, sleeping on the job is still frowned upon? or at least getting CAUGHT is!

iNap@Work is the perfect app for anyone who needs to catch up on some much-needed sleep by creating random common office sounds that let everyone around you know how hard you?re working.

Simply adjust the settings and head off to dreamland- your coworkers will never know. All they?ll notice coming from your work area is pure productivity- they?ll hear you typing away on the Johnson report, clicking your mouse as you navigate spreadsheets, and rustling your TPS reports.

Expecting a heavy work day? Crank up the frequency and sound like you?re chewing through work when you?re really sawing through logs! Each sound can be adjusted to suit your specific task and work load. There are even human sounds to let everyone know- you?re deep in thought and shouldn?t be disturbed!

So relax, and give yourself a much-needed mini-vacation at any time of the day- you deserve it, and with iNap@Work,you?re covered!

? Easy-to-use interface with 5 different settings for common office sounds
?Choose from: keyboard typing, mouse clicks, misc. office (pencil sharpener, writing, stapler), paper shuffling, and even human sounds(clearing throat, sniffling)
? Adjustable frequency for each individual sound to simulate a light or hectic work day
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