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In photo albums what is MiUn


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In my list of photo albums I have a category that is MiUn. It contains pictures from my selfies, camera rolls, videos, etc. What is this? It contains 366 pix or videos. Camera roll has 1160, Photo stream 902, favorites 27, selfies 9, videos 113, screen shots 93, etc. If I delete this, will I lose the pix and videos from the other albums as well?


Oct 2, 2013
Welcome to iMore! This photo album is on what device? If it's an album in the iPhone photos app, then if you delete the album with the photos, you should not lose them. They should be in the camera roll. But check first. As to what that album is, I have no idea. MIUN stands for Mid Sweden University. But I don't think that's what you seek. Are the included photos related in any way? Or all random?