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In "do not disturb" mode, I need it to never silent calls and messages


New member
Sep 10, 2013

I'm trying to figure this out, now that I'm on call again. Since "Do Not Disturb" has been out I have had my phone set to auto turn on nightly. Set to Allow Call and messages to come though from everyone. Thinking that was the case I never thought anymore of it. Last night I got a high ticket and miss it because it was in "Do Not Disturb".

So even though it's set to allow all calls they still get blocked? Is there was to have the IOS7 Silent feature turned off. I have e-mails and other crap getting push to my phone for my pebble so I don't want to turn that off, just make the quite at night.

Am I SOL? Is there a app out there that well put g-mail in Silence mode?

Any info on this would be great.


New member
Oct 22, 2010
You can flag contacts as VIP in your address book - and then set do not disturb to always allow VIPs to always ring etc.