In-Car BT Workaround


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Aug 31, 2008
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Being in California, we are a hands free state. My Chrylser 300 has UConnect in it and it worked flawlessly with my Samsung Blackjack. With the iPhone... not so flawlessly. In fact, it barely works at all.

By PURE ACCIDENT, I had my iPhone plugged into my AUX spot on the stereo and a call came in. My music stopped, phone kicked in and I hear my teenager on the other end through my speakers... just like UConnect. The iPhone's mic is powerful enough where I didn't need to hold it to my face and talk back with her... it felt just like real BT.

So, for those of you who can't get your BT to work, go buy a $3 cord from Radio Shack or Target and plug one end into your iPhone headset jack and the other end into your AUX input in your car. Now you have instant BT until Apple gets off their butts and fixes this really annoying error.