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May 24, 2014
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Hey everyone, hope you are all doing well. Just wanted to give some feedback on how the current iMore App is looking and highlighting all the various features that i really like (and hopefully will stay going forward) This might be long, I’m not sure, but will see how it goes. :)

1) The first thing is regarding the ‘home page’. I really love the menu bar at the top that contains the ‘trending’, ‘subscribed’, ‘participated’ and all the various others. Makes it so simply and easy for me to see if there are new posts in the threads I’ve posted in. Using the ‘unread’ is always nice because i can see new posts in a wide range of sub forums.

2) Having the Bell ‘notification’ and inbox icons on the top right hand side is also a lovely addition and once again, nice and convenient to see all my messages.

3) when opening one of the forums like ‘iMore Community Discussions’, it looks great having a small description below each thread. Gives new user a quick idea of what its meant for. Also, when jumping into a particular forum, all the sticky are at the top which is (in my opinion) better than having to swipe from right to left to see another ‘pane’ which contains them.

4) (i know this has been there for a while) but having the ‘quick reply’ bar at the bottom of the screen is much better than having a ‘Quick reply’ box at the bottom of the page. Its also nice that i can cut/copy/paste using it as well. So many times I’ve wanted to paste a link in the comment box on AC or CB and it doesn’t have the functionality. (yet) (hopefully)

On the downside however, it seems as though the ‘Like / Love’ button doesn’t work. So if i click the like button on the App, it doesn’t show up when i return the to website version. So maybe something to look at?

I was going to post some screenshots, but I'm sure everyone knows what I'm talking about with regards to each feature. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! and hopefully my feedback makes a difference in someway. Always looking to help out. :) :yes:


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Jan 8, 2012
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Thank you for posting your review of the latest iMore App version. It’s members like you who make iMore such a great forum. Thank you...:)

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