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iMessage issues over WiFi with iPhone 5?


New member
Feb 16, 2011
Is anyone else having issues with iMessage over WiFi with their iPhone 5? I don't know if this is an issue with iPhone 5 or iOS6, but ever since I went to iOS6/iPhone 5, I cannot send an iMessage text over my work's WiFi. Before, with iOS5 on an iPhone 4, this was never an issue. Anyways, with my iPhone 5 when I try to send a text using iMessage the bar a the top slowly increases and then stops 90% of the way and then after about a minute it states that the text was "not delivered."

Anyone else experience this and if so, did you find a fix for it?

FYI, iMessage works fine using LTE.


New member
Oct 9, 2011
Yes, I am. Glad to know it's not just me. It's so hard to get a message to go out. If I keep retrying to send it it usually goes out. And it's not every one, but this is becoming a pain in the arse. I'm on AT&T in the Atlanta area.