iMessage Activation on iOS 6 in UAE - not working anymore


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Jan 24, 2012
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I have a Canadian iPhone 4S and live in the UAE. After the iOS 6 update it is not possible to activate iMessage (stuck with "Waiting for activation...")! It was working fine before on iOS 5. Also I can't login with my UAE Apple ID for additional "Send & Receive" email addresses (Apple IDs from other countries are working).

I tried all work-arounds described in serveral forums. The only thing what I didn't try is switching my UAE Apple ID to another country as described by other users before. When I try to do it I'm getting an iTunes 5002 error and it doesn't let me switch the ID to another country.

Now I am using temporarly my old Canadian Apple ID for iMessage. At least I can send some iMessages with my old Apple email address. But the activation for my phone number is also here not working.

I have a strange feeling that +971 are blocked for iMessage activation on iOS 6...

Would be great to read some more user experiences about iMessage activation on iOS 6 in UAE!