Imangi 2.0 Released and we are having a contest!


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Sep 15, 2008
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I am very excited to announce that Imangi 2.0 was approved by Apple and went live on the App Store this weekend. In addition, as part of the launch we are holding a contest with up to $100 in prizes!

Contest Details:


1st place - $100 iTunes Gift Certificate
2nd place - $50 iTunes Gift Certificate
3rd place - $20 iTunes Gift Certificate

In addition, 5 lucky randomly chosen participants will receive a $10 iTunes Gift Certificate.

The contest will be open for 2 weeks, September 14 to September 28, 2008, midnight PST.

More details can be found within the game under the global high score list.

Imangi 2.0 New Features:

* Speed Imangi - Race against the clock to score as many words as possible! You can clear words as frequently as you like, and new pieces are added in their place. If you use all of the red letters on the board, two additional red letters will appear on your next turn. This makes the board clearning bonus harder to obtain in each round!

* Daily Challenge - Each day we post a new Daily Challenge. This gives you the opportunity to play against the rest of the world on the same Imangi board and see how you compare. Typically the Daily Challenge Imangi boards will get harder throughout the week. The week concludes on Sunday with an expert difficulty board.

* Friend Challenge - Play against your friends on the same Imangi board and see who does the best.

* Online High Scores - See how you stack up against the rest of the world. At any time you can submit a complete board or high score to the Imangi Online Servers. We keep track high scores for Normal Imangi Games, Speed Games, and all Challenges. At any time you can view the global standings for each language word list and look at the best boards people have created.

* New Languages - German, French, Italian, and Russian Word Lists were added.

If you don?t have Imangi yet, you can get it on the app store for $3.99.

If you have not heard of it before, Imangi is an addictive original word game for the iPhone and iPod touch. For more information on the game, check out these reviews:

Review: Imangi for iPhone is addicting for word game buffs
Imangi Review for iPhone | Touch Arcade

Enjoy the game! As always, we appreciate any feedback!


Imangi Studios Home Page: Imangi - Welcome to Imangi Studios
Imangi on the App Store:

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