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I'm ready to switch to iPhone


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My contract buy-out fee has been lifted. I'm ready to switch over to iPhone. It's mainly the carriers who delay (or never deliver) the latest version of Android that make me want to switch. And the 2 Nexus devices that do get prompt updates are too big for my liking. However, I do have a few questions!

I'm looking at getting the iPhone 6 16GB as my budget is tight. Right non the 6 is going for $0 on a 2 year contract. I've just noticed the SE is coming soon as well. Phone size is not an issue, longevity is. Depending on the 2 year contract price of the SE would determine which model I get.

I like keeping a diary, currently I am using Journey (on Android) and it is fantastic. I heard it might be coming to iOS. Does anyone else have an idea? Or, is there a similar app that can import *.json files?

Fitness tracker, mainly steps, elevation, pulse and speed. What is the iOS solution like?

My calendar is kept online via an Exchange server, will the iPhone sync my contacts, calendar over when I setup my email account in the Mail program?

I'm not a gamer so like I mentioned screen size is not really an issue. Right now I have a Galaxy Alpha with a 4.7" screen, it's pretty much ideal.

Those are my main questions for now!

Swift Gamer

New member
Mar 28, 2016
Well it depends on your taste.
The iPhone is simple to use considering the fact it has less customization. Yes if you want to customize more you have to jailbreak. But that's another story. The iPhone can work for you if you just need a phone for calling texting and using apps.
For note apps I would try simple note or ever note since those are free. So far the the moment they are no .json importing note apps. And yes the iPhone will sync your contacts and calendar info etc. when you put in your email. I used to have a Samsung (don't remember which model) and it has synced my info. So long story short the iPhone is just something to get everything done.


New member
Dec 23, 2010
The SE is supposed to be generally better than the 6, aside from being smaller.

There are many journaling apps, including one named Journey, although maybe not the same. I don't know any that use json. You can search the app store on the web before you get an iPhone.

There is a basic built-in fitness tracker app with those functions, although 3rd party apps may be better, I don't use them, myself.