I'm not able to download things on my ipad


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So I got on my iPad and was going to play a game but all the games were gone and at one point the would download and dissapear near the end and do the cycle over and over so I deleted all the apps that I downloaded and restarted my iPad so at first there was no downloads so I went to store to re download the stuff but when I clicked on a game the download thing was gray like now the regular color of the cloud with the blue arrow it was dark like if you tried to erase something but you couldn't quite get it so I clicked on it expecting it to say something but nothing it didn't pop up a message just it was just un phased and I've tried everything i can it just won't work and its grinding my gears not to mention my iPhone 6+ isn't having that problem so try to help


Oct 2, 2013
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Welcome to iMore! Try signing out of iTunes, then sign back in. You can go to the App Store > Tap on the "featured" tab at the bottom left> scroll down to your Apple ID > Tap it> sign out> then sign back in.