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Aug 8, 2020
hello community!
i am Mable Coombe from Rothsay :talk-hand: waiting new iphone, reading forums ):eek:n-phone:

After a couple of days and many wet panties. I was ready to try the ***** again. Mom and Barbara had just left for the store. I open John’s door and told him to get his cell phone. He shot off his bed in a heartbeat. We went into the bathroom. I realized that John had taken pictures of me, but had never gotten real close to my tits or *****. I showed him where to stand and to when start recording. I pulled my tee-shirt over my head (I didn’t have a bra on) and my nipples were sticking straight out and hard as a brick. He zoomed in on them. He then zoomed back out. I slowly removed my shorts and begin to massage my **** through my panties. Pretty soon you could see them getting wet. I reached up and pulled my panties down and off. I set on the commode lid and slowly inserted the ***** into my *****. It didn’t hurt anymore . In fact, it felt really good. I looked at John’s shorts and saw he had a major hard-on. I kept going in and out of my ***** humping my hips. Now I had not said a word up to this point. I stopped moving the *****, but left it in my ***** (vibrating of course) and looked directly at the cell phone “OK guys I have decided I will let you **** me, one after the other. If I am not too sore we can do it more than once.

At this point, John stopped recording and I took the ***** out of my *****. I told John to step closer. When he did, I pulled his shorts down, and his **** spring out. I started jerking him off and grabbed his hand and placed it on my *****. I showed him how to massage my clitoris until my **** came out of its hood. I then had him put a finger in my *****, moving it in and out. He quickly climaxed and his sperm shot all over my face. I had liquid coming out of my *****, but still had not had an orgasm, even with the *****. I was very sexually frustrated. I hoped my time with the boys would give me the release my body was craving.

Of course, the boys agreed, I never doubted it. John escorted me to the fort. Matt, Ricky, and Tommy were in their best shorts and shirts and smelled pretty nice (for boys). We were all nervous. I was extremely nervous as I was about to be ****ed by four horny boys. For a few minutes, we all just looked at one another. Finally, I said that we needed to arrange the blankets so I could lay down. This was quickly accomplished. I said “OK guys get rid of the clothes” and soon all four stood before me completely naked. I stood above the blankets and pulled my tee-shirt over my head. My nipples were sticking straight out. I looked at Ricky and said I know I don’t have big tits, but would he like to kiss my nipples. He did this quickly and I told the other boys they could kiss them too. I then pulled off my shorts and panties. I stood completely naked in front of four horny boys. All four had hardons by this time. All their eyes were focused on my *****, I almost laughed. I laid down on the blanket and spread my knees out as far as they could go. I told Matt he was to be first. He moved between my legs and I felt his **** brush against my *****. No foreplay I reached down and guided him into my *****. His **** seemed to fill me up and he thrust it deep into me. My ***** resisted at first, but then expanded to accept him. He started going in and out. It was really beginning to feel good. My whole body was vibrating. Then I felt my ***** clamp onto to his **** as I built to my first orgasm. He let out a cry and started climaxing and my ***** stared really milking his **** of every last drop of ***. I was beyond bliss. My ***** was enjoying every second. All too soon he stopped and his **** started going limp. He pulled out and I said “next.” John dropped down and I guided his **** into my very wet *****. John thrust hard and harder each time and soon I could feel another orgasm building. John and I climaxed together as my ***** milked him completely. Soon he too went limp. I looked up at Tommy and said let’s go! He moved between my legs, I was so wet he had no problems getting it in. His thrusts were short but deep and he climaxed long before I could even reach a climax. We both were disappointed. Finally, it was Ricky’s turn. I had seen Ricky’s **** from a distance, but up close it was larger than I thought. It was the same size length-wise as Matt’s, but it was twice as thick. I was glad that the others had gotten my ***** slick because he was so big. He moved between my legs and I let him put it into my ***** by himself. It was massive. It was bigger than the *****. He thrust in one single stroke and buried it deep in my *****. I had an orgasm immediately, and as he moved it back out my ***** walls contracted on his ****, trying to milk him. In and out he went. My hips arching up to meet each thrust. I don’t know how many orgasms I had, but when he finally came I was exhausted but very happy.
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Jan 8, 2012
Hello, and welcome to the iMore Forums....


Mar 2, 2016
hello community!
i am Mable Coombe from Rothsay :talk-hand: waiting new iphone, reading forums ):eek:n-phone:

Hello and welcome to iMore! It’s nice to have you here and I'm sure that you will find the help you're looking for.

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