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I'm having trouble installing iOS 10 public beta 2 on an iPad Pro


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The profile installs fine and software update offers iOS 10 PB2, the device downloads and verifies the update, but once the device restarts, I get presented with a screen the shows removing the lightning cable, waiting ten seconds and then plugging it back...which when I perform these steps, the iPad reboots to iOS 9...

Where am I going wrong?


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Jan 8, 2012
If you've made a backup of your device, then proceed with the below instructions.

1. Put the device in recovery mode and have iTunes reinstall iOS 9.3.3 or whatever the latest official iOS version for your specific iPad.
2. Do not install any 3rd-partly apps or configure any email accounts, etcetera.
3. Install the Public beta profile
4. After the profile is installed, update the device to iOS 10 PB 2
5. Afterwards, either set up the iPad as new or restore from your backup.

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Jul 26, 2016
Go to beta.apple.com from your iDevice and then "Enroll Your Device".

You will be asked to download a profile, after you accept the terms and conditions, your device should start to download the new Beta.

Let me know if it works.