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I'm having a different Snooze problem!


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Quite the opposite of the one previous posted. I DO want to snooze! I set my alarm, indicate Snooze, yes! When my
alarm goes off in the morning, I can 'sleepily' see that my phone needs me to swipe to unlock. This turns my alarm completely off! It won't snooze. I go back to sleep. I get to work late! etc., etc. How do you 'pause' the alarm so that it will go off again after the set snooze time?


New member
Oct 10, 2013
What i do is that just press one of the volume button. The alarm will go off and again ring after the snooze time.


Mar 11, 2013
Don't swipe just tap and roll over it will go off again and then tap and roll over it will go off again

Repeat as much as needed

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