I'm going to downgrade from a 2017 MPB to a 2015 MBP


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Mar 19, 2012
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Well, after all of the discussion I have decided to keep my 2017 model for a few reasons. Firstly and foremost, as I originally said, I really like the design of the machine and have had zero issues with it. Secondly, I have AppleCare on it and its near impossible to find a new 2015 model that is available that I would be able to purchase AppleCare for. I actually found a couple of new ones, but they were outrageously expensive and on eBay, which I don't mind buying from but I wasn't going to pay what they were asking.

I am fine with the newer keyboards, I just think I like the older ones better but can still type as well on the newer ones. Its more of a feel thing but not something that makes it a bad experience for me.

From a ports standpoint, I'll just deal with it. I don't need all of them all of the time and when I do I already have the adaptors for them so I am set.

I will also say this, and this did matter to me. I carried my wife's around with me for a few days and I did notice a difference in carrying the older one and carrying the new one, and that makes a difference to me as the newer one is lighter, which I enjoy.

Anyway, thanks for all of the feedback as this turned into a lively discussion which is always good.


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Sep 24, 2014
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Honestly the biggest thing keeping me from saving up for a newer MacBook is the fact that I would need to get a dongle hub to do the things I do now. All my peripherals are USB-A and I use the SD card slot all the time. I’m not sure I’m ready to go that route. I still have a 2013 MBP that runs fine, it just needs more storage.

I thought the same things as well and tbh since I got my Note 8 and Bowers and wilkins PX mostly everything I use now has USB C. Even my Gaming laptop has 1. It's actually harder to charge other headphones and my battery pack since they all use micro USB.


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Nov 3, 2010
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Recently my 2017 MacBook Pro keyboard started acting up. The space bar key was spacing everything twice and the N key wasn't registering about half the time. I had to take it in the the genius bar to let them fix it. My wife who has a 2015 MacBook Pro let me use hers while mine was getting sick (she also has an Air that she could use).

Wow, I really miss everything about the 2015 MacBook Pro. Its quiet, runs like a dream, and I'm not sure after using it for a week why I ever got rid of my 2014 MacBook Pro.

The Keyboard is 1000% better on this MacBook than it is on the new ones. You can try and tell me it isn't, but there is just no denying that they older keyboards are much more comfortable to type on. They are also so much more quiet which is really nice. The keys are a perfect blend of click and pillowy softness. Honestly after typing on this keyboard for a week going back to the 2017 keyboard sickens me a little bit.

Performance - So this is a 2.5Ghz model so its like the middle of the road MacBook pro for that year. The thing screams blazingly fast and never hiccuped or stuttered on me a single time. The fan never kicked in (which it does pretty frequently on my 2017 Pro). Everything I threw at it from video editing to the small gaming I do ran perfectly on the machine. The only time the fan came on is when I was playing Limbo, which it also does on my 2017 MacBook Pro.

Trackpad - I don't need trackpad as large as the one Apple made on the 2017 version. Although it works well most of the time, it still picks up my palm at least a few times a day and messes with what I was typing or doing. Not with the 2015 version. Its the perfect size. This is of course subjective but I think the smaller one is better suited as I'm not sure now why Apple changed to such a large one.

Ports - Goes without saying. Not living dongle life was a breath of fresh air.

Battery - Granted, her model doesn't have battery sucking dual graphics, but her model would run circles around mine in the battery department.

Screen - Honestly, they are both the same resolution and I can't tell a difference. I know the new one is a little brighter and has deeper colors, but I can't really tell a difference. I'd have to have them next to each other to be able to tell the difference.

Things I miss -
Touch Bar - Do I ever use it? Very rarely but it looks cool.
Touch ID - That is a homerun and I love having that even if its not integrated as deeply as I would like into the OS.
Size - I do like the slim down size and weight of the newer model. Its not a huge difference but it is smaller and lighter.

Overall I think the 2015 MacBook Pro might be the best laptop Apple has every built. When I get mine back, I am going to sell it and return to the 2015 if I can find one that is like new or in excellent shape as I really want that experience back on a daily basis.

Has anyone else ever experienced this?

FWIW...I'm still using my 17", 2010 MBP, and it runs great on High Sierra 10.13.4.😊

Abu Khadija

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Oct 19, 2016
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Really? No one forced anyone. Baloney. Easy example: an older MacBook Pro died and a new one was needed. Used ones don't have warranties. Sounds forced to me. No good reason for dropping standard USB ports etc except Ive's quest for thinner and thinner computers. This has to stop. Apple has already made my decision for me with that and their no longer upgradable computers. After purchasing only Macs since 1984, I simply can no longer afford or justify the high price. If they had made them MUCH less expensive then I could live with with the non-upgradability and dongles, maybe. But they stupidly went the opposite way. And lost a customer of 34 years. They did it to themselves.

You can buy a refurbished one online from Apple and still get AppleCare plus for it.


Apr 22, 2018
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This is my first MB Pro, and I got the base model 2017 13" with out the touch bar. Found an open box deal at bestbuy for $1034. It was marked as satisfactory under condition which I believe was done because and employee wanted to buy it. There is nothing about this computer that I don't like. Its super light weight and like some else mentioned the only time I have had the fan kick on was when I first set up and encrypted the hard drive. Battery life for me is really good because I am not on it constantly so I charge it 2-3 times a week. My only annoyance is the 2 usb-c ports. Seeing as how there are accessories that plug in to that side and give you all the ports back I am not to worried about it. Over all this is my favorite computer I have owned, I am a huge surface fan boy.