Im+ 3.1 Twitter Push Notification Experiment


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Jan 30, 2009
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This morning I decided to setup a little experiment to see how long it takes for pns to work with Twitter for the im+ app both for direct messages and @replies. I did this by sending direct messages and @replies to myself through text messages. After I sent the text I immediatly switched over to the timer. For direct messages I was able to measure the difference between when the dm hit my e-mail vs when I was push notified. I ran three tests for each type of notification. The results are pretty decent.

First, for direct messages... In the first test I recieved the e-mail in exactly 1 minute and the push notification in 3 mins 34 secs. In the second test I recieved the e-mail in 1 min 58 secs and the push notification in 4 mins 15 secs. In the final test I recieved the e-mail in 5 secs!!! And the push notification in 4 mins 7 secs.

Now on to @replies... In the first test I recieved push notification in 1 min 24 secs. 2nd test 1 min 27 secs. And in the final test in 2 min 58 secs.

So all in all this is good enough for me and I think will be good enough for most every Twitter user. Maybe not good enough to carry on a conversation like when chatting but almost. Anyway thought I would share! Let the Twitter volley commence. Btw my Twitter name is mattshall so if ya want to follow me feel free and send me some @s for testing or whatever.


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Feb 19, 2009
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Gottcha both covered! I have been stalking Alli for a while now.:p:rolleyes:

Oh man, I hit FOLLOW on you before I saw you are an Auburn fan... GO VOLS!!!!!!

Haha, j/k.

I am now stalking the both of ya. I'm with the CIA and NSA, and some other A's out there that don't exist... LOL Actually I own a Bed and Breakfast.

Check it out:


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