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iKross iPhone 5/5S Bluetooth Keyboard case.


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Oct 9, 2011
I have been looking for an iPhone keyboard case ever since the iPhone 5 came out last year and they have always been either really expensive or cheap quality until I jumped the shark and got this iKross Bluetooth keyboard case. If anyone is looking for a keyboard case at an affordable price I would highly recommend this one. The finish on this case is amazing. It has a matte finish all around and on the sides of the keyboard a metallic surrounding.

It's great to type on my phone with the keyboard all though it does take some getting used to, like any other qwerty phone out there. But after a few text messages you really start to get the hang of it. It has buttons on the keyboard that allow you to do different functions such as lock or unlock your phone, access your home screen and play music with back and skip buttons. It also comes with a backlight so your able to use it in really dim or dark places.

It does make the phone a bit bulkier but it's worth it in my opinion and gives it that look like its a completely different phone. I myself got the black one because I liked the contrast between white and black, but they also have a white keyboard case for anyone interested in that color. The price of the cases are 14.99 which I found to be not bad at all considering the prices of other Bluetooth keyboards (typo, box wave, etc) the case doesn't feel cheap at all. As far as battery life goes, it's been tremendous. I charged it for about 3 hours upon receiving it 4 days ago and have been constantly using it everyday and I still have battery life. The only con about this case that I have found is that taking pictures with the flash on and the case fully closed tends to wash out the pictures. I take pictures with the keyboard pulled out and the flash on and the problem is solved. Not really a big deal just a bit annoying. If any of you have any questions on the product and how it's been of use to me please let me know :) I'll be happy to answer any of your questions. I've always been a fan of physical keyboard phones and this brings back the physical aspect of a keyboard without having to part with my iPhone.

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Aug 14, 2013
I just got the same exact case today except in a different brand, I think it's chromo but it looks exactly the same as yours. i like it so far! the only thing i don't like about it is that there's no auto correction for words that need an apostrophe but that can be fixed with the shortcuts setting within the keyboard settings. the only other thing that i find annoying is that I have to hold down the fn or shift button when I want to use them, I'd rather just have to press it once, but it's something that i can get used to.

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