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Oct 18, 2011
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NCsoft pleased to announce the release of their newest mobile game, iHop -Getaway Chicken,on the iTunes App Store.

Developed by ChocobajiApps (the South Korean indie developer Jaeha Yoo, developer of the Crazy Control series), iHop - Getaway Chicken challenges players of all ages to hop away from the Farmer as far as they can. Combining the side-scrolling action with tilt control, iHop -Getaway Chicken seeks to offer an exceptional gameplay experience for iOS devices everywhere.

The game also supports social features such as leaderboards and achievements, through NCsoft's new social mobile gaming platform WEMO. By connecting with friends through WEMO, iHop -Getaway Chicken users also get the unique experience of popping and passing through the ghosts of their friends in game, whenever they achieve higher scores than their friends. Game Center leaderboard support is also integrated for iOS.

Gameplay Tips
- Collect the specified balloons to enter super mode.
- Landing on springs will give extra boost to chicken's jump. The arrows on the bottom of the screen guides to safe landing points.
- Check extra upgrades from the shop-skis will help with landing and super eggs will get rid of multiple enemies at once.

Pricing and Availability
iHop - Getaway Chicken is priced at $0.99 for iPhone and $1.99 for iPad - or equivalent amount in other currencies - and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store.

iHop -Getaway Chicken iTunes download link: App Store - iHop - Getaway Chicken
iHop -Getaway ChickenHD iTunes download link: iHop - Getaway Chicken HD for iPad on the iTunes App Store
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ABOUT NCsoft(Publisher)
NCsoft is a leading developer and publisher of online games, headquartered in Seoul, South Korea. Today, NCsoft is home to numerous industry-leading franchises, including City of Heroes, Guild Wars, Aion, and Lineage. NCsoft also publishes casual browser based games, along with games for smartphones. With offices in China, Taiwan, Japan, Thailand, the United Kingdom, and the United States, NCsoft games entertain and delight players around the world.

ABOUT ChocobajiApps (Developer)
ChocobaijApps is a small indie studio located in Seoul, South Korea, founded by Jaeha Yoo. The studio's first multi-controlling mobile game, 'Crazy Control' debuted at the top of the Entertainment charts and ranking 2nd in the entire Paid Apps chart in Korea. The second addition to the series, 'Crazy Control 2' ('Crazy ControlDX' in Android) truly lived up to the popular name, getting featured in App Stores worldwide, with a wide and intense fanbase. ChocobajiApps constantly strives for creativity that leads to development of uniquely spectacular games, with full intentions to bring a whole lot of fun to the App Store.





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Oct 18, 2011
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They show up when the other players added in WEMO die. So when you pass the "ghosts", it means you hop farther than others.