If you preordered iPhone 5 on apple site beware if you tried to add a line


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Jan 14, 2011
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I spent 12 hours on the phone with Verizon yesterday. I preordered my iPhone on sept 14 online on the apple store. I selected add a line to my existing account. To make a long story short, apple and Verizon miscommunication and instead of adding the line, they created a separate account which could not be traced as being associated with me or the existing account. So you should double check that not only is there a new number associated with your new phone but also that there is a line associated with the new phone before having the phone activated or taking any other action.

I have a vey long winded and disjointed post about this in another another thread regarding downgrading from unlimited data to share everything plan to obtain a discounted phone before your existing line is eligible at a minimum cost .

I just wanted to save others from going through what I went through yesterday. Dealing with many incompetent reps and spending my entire day and night on the phone with Verizon and apple.