iComic and alternative iPhone Broswer


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Apr 19, 2009
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Hi all. This is driving me nuts-

I spent most of yesterday trying to get my iphone to accept cracked ipas. finally got it working, but in the process I found 2 programs- iPhone Browser and something similar to it, which opened the phone to add files, including iComic files. it had a GUI and specific folder called "iComic Images" which worked! I keep trying to add cbz files to my phone with iPhone browser, and never have any luck.

Unfortunately, I somehow deleted this program when cleaning up, and forgot the name of it. It also allowed one to add videos and music manually, and it was overall pretty nice. does anyone have any idea the program I'm talking about? Oh, and if anyone knows where I'm going wrong trying to add cbz files in iPhone Browser, I'm all ears.