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So I tried to log into my iCloud on my iPhone and it came up with the two factor authentication code. I didn't know what it was at start so i tried putting in a few of my older passwords thinking it was something like that. But after googling and finding out what it was, I got my old iPod out, signed into my iCloud on their (which worked straight away' and got the code from a 'trusted device' now when I went to put in the code or come up saying 'code verification attempted too many times' I was wondering what this meant. Do I have to wait awhile to try again or is it like completely locked like forever or forever on that device...? Thank you!


Oct 2, 2013
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Welcome to iMore! It's temporary. Try later. But if you have the two factor verification enabled, you will need that key. If you set that up for the first time, you should have gotten an email from Apple with the option to undo it. If necessary, contact Apple Support. But if you enabled the verification, you will need that key. And Apple can't give it to you.

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Mar 31, 2017
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Had the same issue yesterday. Changed my iCloud password and then it asked me the verification code from two-step authentication. I did get codes but it was always saying incorrect. Since I tried many times, Apple locked my account. Contacted them and the senior advisor told me to wait 24hours and try again. I asked him the reason, he said my internet connection could be slow. I don't think that is the case. I am sure there is an issue with Apple servers.

I still have few more hours, will try this afternoon.