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iCloud photo sharing - 1 Mac, 2 iPhones


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My wife and I each have an iPhone 6, and we have an iMac. All 3 share an Apple ID. I have iCloud photos turned on for the iMac (keep originals) and my iPhone (optimize storage). Can I also turn on iCloud photos on my wife's iPhone? I assume that this would also use optimize storage, and this would allow all of our photos from each phone to be centralized in one iCloud photos database? Any risk here? I don't want to mess up our iCloud photos - we have about 50,000 pictures on iCloud.


Jan 1, 2017
I do the same thing with my wife but across 2 iPhones, 3 iPads and 2 macpros and an iMac. We use the same iCloud account for photos and calendars but different ones for FaceTime and messages so we can receive individual messages. This way any photos we take all show up on all our devices instantaneously. Works out great. Just be careful if you sell one of the phones that you log out of all the iCloud accounts on that device before wiping it or you will end up deleting your entire library. At the same time if you happen to do that you can still recover any deleted items from iCloud up to 30 days (or more possibly) after being deleted, so you are covered regardless. Ciao