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iCloud not ready for prime time


New member
Feb 3, 2015
iCloud not ready for prime time. I am an avid Apple fan boy. I own an iMac, Macbook Pro, iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPad, and iPad Mini. The hardware experience has always been an A. My experience with iCloud has been frustrating at times. When I call there is no one to talk to to provide support. You get someone that can email an engineer and get back to you. This is a terrible way to offer support. A year or two I had to contact tech support about an issue with my iCloud account . I became so frustrated that I sent an email to Tim Cook. In a day or so I received a call from his office and discussed the problem. Eventually after several calls and a lot of my time the problem was resolved. It turned out to be something corrupted in the calendar. I recently upgraded to iCloud drive and at first had no problems even with its limits. I started trying various pieces of software that worked with iCloud drive in the hopes to find the best fit for my needs. I started noticing that when I deleted the program the file associated with it could not be deleted from the online account. The program would be gone on all devices but still there when I go online. I contacted tech support at Apple and they said they would look in to it. This started Jan 5, 2015. After not getting anywhere again I sent an email to Tim Cooks office. I received a phone call and talked to someone about the situation. They said the engineers are working on it. I have been at this for a month with no solution in site. I really wish that Apple would get out of the services and open it to others. It is obviously not there thing.

Frustrated Apple fan boy.


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Sep 12, 2008
It has been in prime time since iOS 5.

You had an isolated issue so it doesn't mean it's "not ready."


Sep 7, 2010
So...because a tiny sector of consumer have had problems with a service, the company that provides the service should just completely abandon it and move on to something else...so that it becomes open to "others"?

Do you realize if companies followed this logic, that there would be NO services of ANY kind in the entire industry?

iCloud has been living in "prime time" for years...and it has worked efficiently for most consumers for just as long. Does that mean you should refrain from venting about frustration? Certainly not...and I hope they get you situated. What you should refrain from is applying your experience to the totality of the service. It's just not logical. When you have a service that MILLIONS upon MILLIONS of people use all day, every day...you're going to have people who have issues. There's not a service in the world that runs perfect for 100% of the consumers using it.

At the same time you really wish Apple would get out of the service, I wish consumers would use their noggins when reviewing such things. The fact that you felt the need to email Tim Cook kind of speaks towards your dramatic response mechanisms.


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Jan 8, 2012
It just another drive-by, and nothing more, in my opinion.


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Jul 1, 2014
My experience with Apple is you have to let it work in the manner it was intended to work.
My husband is learning this the hard way as I type, lol.
Up to now, he had adamantly refused to use iCloud, he didn't trust it, he said.
Well, he's trying to set up my old iPad air as his own, and he is in the process of transferring everything he had on his old iPad 4... Manually.

And we're talking A TON OF STUFF, work and fun related.
Needless to say, I convinced him to turn on iCloud, turn on iCloud Drive, and do everything the way Apple intended.
Because he is still dumbfounded at how I set up my new iPad in 15 minutes total, with absolutely everything just right, passwords and settings included.

He did have to buy more iCloud storage, as I did. Still, we can't complain, at $3.99/month, it's reasonable.

But when it's set up the way it's supposed to, it just works. I've had glitches, some required a call to Apple, though with Apple Care, things went relatively fast and smooth, and other minor issues I solved by asking here.

But after all the problems I'd had back with IOS 7 I must say, this is refreshing.