iCloud Music Library not passing smart playlist contents from iMac to iPhone


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Mar 10, 2019
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I have Apple Music and iCloud Music Library turned on. Most of my listening happens on my iPhone via "live updating" smart playlists, primarily blending rating stars and time since last played.

On the iMac, one of them generates a playlist that currently includes songs played as long ago as 2014 and as recent as 2016, the vast majority of which are Purchased or Protected AAC Audio Files. But on my iPhone, this playlist currently does not include any of the Purchased or Protected AAC songs. Those songs are on the iPhone, in the Songs Library view, but not on any of my smart playlists. Non-Purchased/Protected songs appear.

If I create a copy of this playlist, and add a rule for Kind containing "Purchased", the list populates with songs as one would expect on the iMac, but appears as an empty list on the iPhone.

All of my music is either ripped from CDs that I owned, from Apple Music, or purchased via the same iTunes/Apple account that I've used since iTunes and the iPod were available. None of the songs in question indicate any issues in the iCloud Status column on the iMac.

I have reset both the iOS and iMac iCloud Music Library, AND reset the iTunes account on both as well - several times, with no effect on this issue.

Why don't these files show up on my playlists via the iCloud Music Library, and what can I do to remedy the situation?


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Jan 8, 2012
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Great question, but one I cannot readily answer at this time. I've been experimenting with Music on both my MacBook and my iPhone X, but I cannot duplicate what you've described. Hopefully, someone who can will reply soon.

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