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iCloud issue



I created an iCloud account when I first purchased an iphone several years back. My children were relatively young and just started to get phones so they used my iCloud acct on their phones and iPads. Now my iCloud is almost at the max storage space, their contacts pop up when I am texting and their downloads show up on my phone.

The bottom line is that I want to keep my stuff but no longer want their stuff (not that I ever did). How can I get their stuff out of my iCloud and keep their additional stuff from appearing?

Thanks for any/all help.


New member
Oct 22, 2010
When iOS8 hits, setup and use Family Sharing... Meanwhile, the kids can set-up and use individual iCloud accounts for synching their own contacts, etc.


Oct 2, 2013
Separate iCloud accounts works best. The kids will need their own email for ID. But things like contacts and calendar events won't get shared. Also, with separate iCloud accounts you can all have your own 5 gb of free storage. You can still share the iTunes Apple ID for purchases. That way you only pay once for a paid app or song and etc.

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Jul 26, 2012
To clarify, there is a difference between an "iCloud" account and an "iTunes" account. You can use the same email address if you want to, but they remain separate functions. The iCloud account is for accessing things link iCloud online account, backup storage, Find my iPhone, and Activation Lock. The iTunes account is used for accessing the iTunes store, the (iOS) App Store and the Mac App Store.