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iCloud and iOS Mail App


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Aug 6, 2011

Just want to share my views regarding productivity of iOS and whether I could find some people who will support my ideas described in here.

iOS both in iPhone and iPad is quite elegant and useful OS backed by millions of apps adding numerous functionality EXCEPT a workable and efficient Mail App. It can however be resolved with integration between iCloud and Mail app.

It may have happened to you too: you have received an email message out of office and want to reply to this message with an attachment like PDF or Doc but you CANT even if you have Documents to Go Premium installed.

*For your reference: Docs to Go - is an office suite, which above all, has a functionality to pick up several files from a clouds like DropBox, GoogleDocs etc and attach to a NEW email message.

As you see, it attaches them to a new message, not to Reply and Forward.

So, if Apple brings iCloud with next iOS update why then would not they link Mail App to iCloud?

Imagine you're composing a message and by pressing attachment button within the compose screen you initiate an iCloud screen to pop up giving you access to your photos and documents :)

That would be awesome, iPad would be a real post-PC device and integrate to the business world than before. Attaching files within the Mail App is very,very important, why iOS still misses this feature!?

BlackBerry has produced new hot devices, they can attach files to email messages within the compose screen of the email application, they have almost the same functions as iPhone, so in order to be a step forward, Apple should take the aforementioned step and allow us to attach our content to our email messages both in new message and replies to received messages.

If you support my idea please give the feedback to Apple requesting such an integration:

Apple - iPad - Feedback - iPad
Apple - iPhone - Feedback -iPhone

Thank you for your time reading this and for your support..
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