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I've been trying to upload this book onto ibooks and I keep getting a ticket stating I need a functional table of contents. Every time I try and call customer support I simply can't get a straight answer. Here is the latest email:

" I understand that you have difficulty in addressing the ticketed issue related to the Functional Table of Contents.
While our team is unable to assist in specific 'how to' information related to the coding of your EPUB 2, I'd like to provide you with some resources that may assist you or your team in correcting the issue.
For EPUB 2, the .ncx file contains the the table of contents and is typically named ?toc.ncx.? The navMap in the .ncx file is used to create the table of contents in iBooks and provides a direct navigational link to the appropriate sections of the book. This is the part of your file that is being ticketed with inaccurate information. The information in the toc.ncx does not match the book's contents.
I would recommend consulting with your peers on the iBooks Forums, or following up with Adobe InDesign support for assistance in correcting the EPUB file."

Can anyone help me???



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Oct 22, 2010
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Does your EPUB have a table of contents? Does that table of contents point to the first page in each chapter? You'll need to deal with the support web page or something for the application you're using to find out how to create a valid, functional table of contents for your EPUB.
Dec 20, 2013
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Ibooks told us to use iTunes Producer... all we have is a PDF, and we convert it to an EPUB. It has a table of contents, but iTunes Producer doesn't have a designated area to check the table of contents... is there another program that would work better? Thanks!

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