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May 15, 2009
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iBatko is an innovative and unique chat application for the iPhone and iPod touch devices. Its primary goal is to allow you to experience the pure joy of meeting new and interesting people from around the world just by hitting the "Meet a Stranger" button while waiting in a traffic jam, or being bored, or just want to chat with somebody.

- No registration is required

- Just one tap away from starting a chat

- Everyone is COMPLETELY anonymous and no personal data is shared (although, if you like the person on the other side nothing stops you from sharing your e-mails and becoming friends)

~Q: am I really anonymous?
~A: Yes, completely. We don't even require you to enter a nickname, so nobody can identify you. Also, the other side can't get a location-specific information about you (like an IP address), because there is a master chat server that everybody connects to and it filters this information.

~Q: I just met this amazing girl/guy in the chat, but forgot to ask for her/his e-mail. Please, check your server logs and help me find it! I really want to meet her/him again.
~A: Sorry. We don't keep any logs of the chats. We don't even keep logs of the IP addresses, which connected to each other, and this is not going to change, because it's cheaper this way. We can't tell who you are or who you talked to. It's just... not possible. You should have asked her/him while you could.

~Q: When I enter a chat, the application just stays on the "Waiting for somebody to join" message and nobody ever joins. What happens?
~A: Probably you are one of the first users of this app and there are still not enough users to chat to. This will change after iBatko's first day in App Store passes, so just give it a little more time.

~Q: What's up with the application icon?
~A: That's me (the developer). That's a long story, but here's the short version:
On 6th of May, me and a colleague of mine were sitting in a bar and talking about App Store. I don't know how exactly we went there (in the talks, not in the bar), but at the end he was trying to convince me that Apple were never going to approve an application, which had an icon with my face on it. So I said: "let's try it!" and here we are... Then I decided that this app should be fun and do something useful and the idea was born.

~Q: Are you going to remove your face from the icon in the next version?
~A: Yes! Just say that you want it to be changed in your user review and if there are enough votes I'll change it.

~Q: Are you going to improve iBatko in the future?
~A: Absolutely YES! There's already a list with features for ver 1.1

~Q: What does "Batko" mean?
~A: It means a bigger brother in Bulgarian.

~Q: So, what's the connection between a chat application and a bigger brother?
~A: I'll need some more time to think of a good answer.

~Q: Why is this app not free?
~A: Well, the chat server and the internet traffic cost money and 99 cents is the lowest possible price I can pick.

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