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I want to delete my daughters account


iMore Question

I do not want my underage child to have snapchat but she keeps contacting you for password reset. I need this account delete forever


Oct 2, 2013
Welcome to iMore! She contacts iMore? We can't reset passwords! We are not Apple nor Snapchat. I suggest taking the phone and deleting Snapchat. Then go to restrictions and put a restriction on the app store. Or contact Apple Support for advice.

Apple Support Number:
(800) 275-2273


New member
Aug 16, 2010
4 things you can do.

Firstly join the forums so you can post replies to this thread and share ideas, thoughts and help with others on other threads ;)

As for Snapchat:
1 - depending on her age it might be worth simply talking to her and explaining the dangers / your concerns? My 9yo surprisingly responds to this but it's not for everyone
2 - put restrictions on the phone and remove the App Store so she has no way of downloading it
3 - setup family sharing and turn on Ask to buy then remove snapchat from purchase history so it can't be downloaded without you know I got BUT let's her download other apps

Can I ask how old she is and why you don't want her to have snapchat?
I let mine have it but she's only allowed to have family on it (which I check).