I think I have damaged my iPad Air 2..... :(


Apr 30, 2016
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I have an iPad Air 2 and have had it for 9 months now and today I had to make a basic edit on my photos, So I thought I try it on the iPad for the 1st time ever despite me not knowing how hard it was for me at 1st but I did get the hang of it at the end and successfully done a basic edit on my photos. :):)

But i know it sounds really silly and stupid but I think I have damaged my iPad in the long term I tell you why:

- I had to re open and shut down the same apps(like Photoshop Mix, Photoshop Express, Axiem Systems Photo Editor, more)several times to re edit my photos(sometimes I had to because I made a mistake on the photos)
- I had to screenshot the photo(that I am going to edit) several times on Chrome.
- Saving and publishing changes to my photos several times.

When I say several times I mean about 5/8 times and all this was done in just under 2 hours but could of been a lot fast if I had known how to edit photos on my iPad properly and know the workarounds!! :(

And I am wondering by doing this unintentionally putting strain on the A8X CPU/GPU just under 2 hours will damage my iPad Air 2 in terms of smoothness of OS and switching between apps/games and loading/opening up apps/games and web pages in the long run in 6 months/1/2/3 years down the line.

I am wondering have I damaged my iPad?? Or am I just being paranoid or am I just thinking too much about this?? Do you think about this about your iPad that you worry that you might of damaged your iPad unintentionally??

At the moment my iPad Air 2 is running very good and luckily I haven't noticed any slow down just yet after doing this but after doing this I might of have damage my iPad as I am really worried that my iPad Air 2 will have a premature decline slow down now. :(:crying:

Please tell me I did not damage my iPad and that I am very paranoid!! :( :crying:


Feb 20, 2014
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You’re being paranoid (your words )

Like with all electronic devices, the iPad has been extensively tested by Apple.
The actions you performed in those 2 hours are done by me on a daily basis for even a longer duration.

Rest assured, your iPad can handle it.

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