I Love Lost App, and $1000 countdown competition.


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Jan 22, 2009
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I'm from the UK, and just received an email about a pretty awesome sounding app,

"I wanted to let you know about a new app that I launched last week on iTunes. The app is called "I Love Lost" and it is an application for fans of the television show. I am a huge Lost fan, so when I was thinking about what my next app should be, I thought it would be fun to have an app that would let people chat in real time during the show, and share theories.

The app also has a contest associated with it. The winner gets $1,000. There is a 108 minute countdown timer like there was in the hatch on the show. Starting on January 28th, players have to start entering the Lost numbers every 108 minutes to stay in the contest. The winner is the last person left resetting the countdown timer. The full rules for the contest are available at the following link: http://thisistech.com/LostRules.html"

The only MAJOR issue here is that the competition is open to US residents only. This is such a kick in the teeth to us in the UK. We can buy it on the UK app store, but can't do the competition. Everyone I've mentioned this app to is very interested but dissapointed that we are inelligable.

Sounds fun though??

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