I lost the remote control to my ATV and cannot use the remote app. What can I do?


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I've lost the remote a year ago (don't know where it is). Everything was just ok as I set my TV remote to control the Apple TV.
The problem started when Apple TV had somekind of bug and I had to restore it (by connect it to computer and itunes). When reconnect it to the TV I cannot control it through the TV remote as the settings was deleted.
I've tried to control it through the remote app via Ipad/Iphone. Could not manage to do so because home sharing is probably off as a deault on the Apple Tv (due to restore I just made...).
I'm able to watch videos from Ipad on the apple TV (by clicking the apple tv icon on the ipad) because they are both connected to the same network (Apple TV is wired to the router), but cannot control the appleTV because no remote is working, therefore cannot enter settings or anything to make the TV remote work or to turn on home sharing.

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