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I just got a 3GS and just signed up here.


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Jul 2, 2009
So far, this phone is awesome. I came to it from the Pre, and man do I appreciate the build quality.

I've seen TiPb before since I was a blackberry user and frequented the Crackberry community.

It seems this network of blogs really knows their stuff, Dieter does a great job over at Precentral, the crew at Crackberry are really good too, and have engaged a great community there.

If there's one thing to compliment is the community of sites in this network, the users seem to be a great bunch and easy to get along with. I look forward to the chattin, arguin, informing, and getting informed here.

There seems to be a few fanboys here though, hopefully I don't convert into fanboy mode ;) There is a lot to like though....


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Mar 27, 2005
Welcome aboard... I'm looking forward to having you around. I read you post regarding the Pre - I simply love technology and was interested in the Pre but the hardware issues have held me back as well. I usually have multiple devices and each and every time I always come back to the iPhone. Never fails.

Apple will never leave iPhone owners in the dark like Palm has done so many times in the past.


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Jun 28, 2009
You are so right. This is a great site. I'm new here as well and I'm loving it so far. The best part is that there's a iphone friendly version.