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I have so many problems with my iCloud sign-in.


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I can't even contact iCloud/iTunes without a password. If I try a new password, it kicks it out saying I've already used that password in the last year! I used it within the last five minutes! Also with the last update I get a request to input my password each time I go to a website. I'm so frustrated that I can't just talk to someone that could probably straighten this out within five minutes. I hate that the country is run by passwords!


New member
Sep 13, 2016
iCloud can be really annoying sometimes. is there a help button or something? you could also try calling customer service or bring it in to the apple store.


Active member
Aug 3, 2016
Have you tried to manage your account and set a new password on the official Apple website? Also check your account settings on the website to see if there is any clue.