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I have just switched to a new iphone and my entire music library has disappeared


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I have just switched from an iPhone 5c to a 5s (because I was having horrible storage issues with the 8GB 5c). Everything about the transfer has worked perfectly, except that my entire music library has vanished! I have spent quite a lot on iTunes over the past few years, and now there seems no way to access this material. My playlists on the Music app are empty. I can find some of the music I purchased on iTunes and iTunes knows that I have purchased the albums (if not the individual songs), but there's no way of downloading them. I've tried to manually move the items over to my phone from my Mac, but that hasn't worked either. Can anybody help??


New member
Jan 24, 2012
It might just be in the iCloud. Stupid question, but have you tried going into iTunes Store, to "more" and into your "purchased" list? All your Music/Shows/Movies should be there and you can download them to your new phone. Hope you can resolve your issue soon, i understand how aggravating it can be when you're missing stuff.