I have a stalker/hacker....Yay for me.

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Jan 8, 2012
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I just posted on forum but not sure if it went to right place. I have been dealing with same thing with iPhone sending texts to friends I didn’t send and replying to texts that I didn’t reply too. Additionally, Apple can’t even figure out how to turn off my share location. I continually do a hard factory reset and it only takes an hour before he back in my phone. At&t have witnessed my phone doing all and were shocked what they saw but again, they don’t what to do. I have switched so many phones,carriers, laptops and the problems always come back. Interestingly, I went into hiding for one year and during that time I did not have any issues but then I returned and it all began again. I have so many photos, logs etc showing evidence but the police unfortunately are not knowledgeable enough in cybercrime/phone tech to be of any assistance. Please send me a private message or dm bc I have been trying so hard to make this man stop. From my home macs to my phone- he never stops. It’s very sad one is able to control another’s life through technology but it happens to be true and I feel empathy for those who have nothing better to do with their time. The more of us that can ban together can hopefully put an end to this problem. My privacy is no longer privacy. Very sad

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