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I get the empty battery symbol but dont think the iphone 4s is charging, any suggestions?

Erin Rettig

New member
Jun 1, 2015
Hi , I have been trying to do a diy repair and it has been grueling but to give you background this is what I have done so far.....

- replaced screen but got frustrated with all the little screws, paid a kid at the mall to put it back together, he apparently failed to put the wifi antenna back in so about a week or so later when I figured that out I went in and put a new one in. All worked fine.

- the power button was sticking, so I purchased a new power button, proximity sensor cable, and replaced it. it worked fine for a bit.

- I bought a new battery thinking I may have damaged the cable, and also bought a new sync port cable - neither one changed anything, but appeared I bought the wrong version of the sync port cable.

- Did hard reset a couple of times, I thought it turned on, but the screen was all blue with shades. it went from light to dark and the lines were vertical.

- in all of this mess, I screwed up some of the pegs on the loud speaker and the far right screw hole was bent and it was not fitting in properly so I bought one of those. along with the correct version of the sync port cable. I replaced both and was overjoyed to see the empty battery symbol. but it never went away and it has been nearly ten hours.

if I unplug it the icon changes to the one with the lightening bolt and icon depicting the end of the charge cord that goes into the phone, so it is recognizing it. but if I plug it into a computer iTunes does not automatically come on, if I force it open, there is no indication it even knows the iPhone is there...

After all the time I have spent on this I don't want to give up, but I fear that there is no hope.. anyone ever be in this situation? Or have any ideas? I am so thankful to you if you have read this far and can think of any suggestions,,, anything!!



Well-known member
Aug 17, 2010
There is no telling what is wrong with your current device. I suggest you look into purchasing a new phone. . . . Or you could take your phone to an Apple store and have them look at it.

Not Quite Right

Trusted Member
May 11, 2013
... And you could've bought one off craigslist for like a $100 bucks. People waste more and time trying to save a buck.