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I deleted my corporate e-mail off of my iphone 5s and now I can't get into the phone. Why?


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I deleted my corporate e-mail off of my iphone 5s and now I can't get into the phone. I keep getting a pop up that says i need to add my apple password. It will not take the password. If I hit cancel, another pop up says I need to enter my imessage password. I can't get past the pop ups to check any of the settings. Any idea what is going on


New member
Sep 19, 2012
hi and welcome to iMore.

You say corporate email. Is the phone yours or was it provided by your work's IT department? If the latter then they will need to sort it for you.

If the device is yours and you're not using Enterprise functions then can you log into iTunes using the same apple password? If you can then you know the password is correct.

Short of that, i'm out of ideas.


New member
Jan 14, 2011
What was the reason you deleted corporate email from your phone as opposed to letting your IT person for your company do this. i ask this because was there something prior going on to have you do this? Also have you gone to whoever is in charge of your company IT to lat them know and see if there are setting in place in case someone does this and deletes anything on the phone and lastly, Are you sure you are using the correct info trying to restore what you did to get back on?
I think you need to visit the Director of your IT dept.