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I can't read even the largest font on my Watch 38. Are the fonts any larger on a 42?


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In your blog a while back you stated
"The bigger Apple Watch simply has more of those pixels.

The 38mm Apple Watch has a display size of 340x272 pixels.
The 42mm Apple Watch has a display size of 390x312 pixels.

The interface will fill whatever size display you have, and for many people, it won't make any difference. If you really want more pixels, however, it's something to consider."

Are you saying then that the letters are made up of the same number of pixels no matter whether you have a 38mm Watch or a 42, and there is just more empty/negative/unused/worthless space on the 42mm? Not good for us low vision people!!! (I already tried zoom and it is clunky and an additional step I shouldn't have to be taking) Thanks!


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Jan 8, 2012
This is why becoming a member is important. You will be able to reply in the blog area where you read the article and those of us in the 'forums' wont be left scratching our heads wondering what you're talking about. The people who read the iMore Blog doesn't necessarily hang out in the forums and vice-versa. Just food for thought...;)

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