I broke my iphone 6 plus and need assistance getting a new one with my insurance


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I cracked my screen a while ago pretty bad but the phone itself worked and I couldn't afford to pay the deductible on my insurance for my phone so I just left it. But recently dropped it again and it has finally **** the bed. I am basically forced now to get a new one I just don't know how to go about it especially with the closest apple store being 2 hours away. Please let me know what I can do and how I can do. I just want a new phone ASAP


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Jan 8, 2012
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If your insurance has lapsed then you will either have to pay to get the screen and other issues fixed or purchase a replacement device. If the latter, you do not have to go to an Apple Store to buy another iPhone. Several retailers as well as wireless carriers will sell you one. If you have Apple Care +, simply contact Apple either via phone, in store or via its web site. If you have another type of insurance, simply contact that particular company for instructions on getting your device replaced.