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I believe that my iPad is a 2 - It will not update past iOS 9.3.5


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I believe that my iPad is a 2 - It will not update past iOS 9.3.5 I assume this is planned obsolescence, but I refuse to junk a perfectly good iPad. Is there a way to download subsequent updates on my iPad?


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Aug 14, 2015
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Unfortunately you can not update any further. Your iPad will continue to function just fine though. Only thing is you will not have the current features available in iOS 10.


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Apr 28, 2016
The processor on that is an early tablet one and many strides have been made. Apple supports their devices far longer than most developers.

This Chart Shows How Long iOS and Nexus Devices Get Updates

I would like them to have some more security updates, but these are slow processors. The next update (iOS 11) will probably abandon 32bit processors, but my hope is 64bit processors will have more longevity.