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I believe my IPhone 6 Plus has been illegally accessed


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I had my IPhone reset to factory this past week. I have looked at my diagnostics and usage and there was a lot of things that looked out of place.
This is a small snippet from awed on Thursday February 11. Can anyone explain this to me?

metriclogs {
triggerTime: 1455399546522
triggerId: 655381
profileId: 710239
locationNavigationSession {
timestamp: 1455399546500
identifier: "fd6f60a8eb688cc21336abe402ddc4b5a504921f"
duration: 1695
automotiveActivityDuration: 1695
isVehicleConnectedDuration: 0
gpsDuration: 0
proactiveGpsDuration: 0
mapsUsed: false
batteryStates {
timestamp: 1455397850968
batteryLevelPer10000: 670000
charging: false
batteryStates {
timestamp: 1455399120649
batteryLevelPer10000: 660000
charging: false
batteryStates {
timestamp: 1455399540827
batteryLevelPer10000: 650000
charging: false
batteryStates {
timestamp: 1455399546500
batteryLevelPer10000: 650000
charging: false
metriclogs {
triggerTime: 1455399566924
triggerId: 2228225
profileId: 710033
atm_Registration_Result {
timestamp: 1455399566921
type: ATM_REG_RE
rat_info: "3GPP-E-UTRAN-FDD"
result: Reg_POSIX_Error
latency: 9
mcc: 311
mnc: 480
area_id: 41223
cell_id: "7098f20"
metriclogs {
triggerTime: 1455399522053
triggerId: 827648
profileId: 710085
cellularServiceStatus {
timestamp: 1455399538925
sys_mode: SYS_MODE_CDMA
srv_status: SYS_SRV_STATUS_SRV
srv_domain: SYS_SRV_DOMAIN_CS_PS
duration_ms: 18q

Rob Phillips

iPhone X & Apple TV Champion, Moderator
May 1, 2012
Welcome to iMore! If you feel your device has been illegally accessed, although it's highly unlikely, take your device into an Apple Store or contact Apple Support.
I'm no computer programmer--you might as well be showing me hieroglyphics--but what makes you think your iPhone has been accessed without your permission from what you posted?


Trusted Member
Aug 9, 2012
Cam you explain what looks out of place with your diagnostics and usage? I can't determine if anything is wrong from this log.


Oct 2, 2013
Who even looks at those logs other than Apple employees or developers? I have no idea what all that is. Please tell us what you believe is out of place!