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I am missing the iPhone icon in the list of backups in iCloud, how can I get it back?


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Missing Iphone icon in list of backups in Icloud

I've recently noticed that on both my ipad 2 and iphone 5 which are both running 7.1.1 that in icloud > manage storage where it lists the backups for both devices that on both the phone and ipad the device icon for the phone is missing and only has the placeholder . On both devices it shows the icon of the ipad okay.

However when I tap on the phone backup , again on both devices , it then shows the phone icon properly.

Ive spoken to apple and the CSR I dealt with he also had this issue when he went to look on his device.

Ive tried deleting and re-adding the icoud account on my phone with no joy. Im wondering if it could be anything to do with the rollout of ios9 as my phone has had the update download pushed to it but the ipad 2 hasn't.

The backups still occur as usual so im not too worried but its starting to bug me a little as it didn't happen with ios8 rollouts.

If anyone could shed some light on this weird issue that would be brilliant.



New member
Oct 22, 2010
Re: Missing Iphone icon in list of backups in Icloud

It's a cosmetic bug... will work itself out... eventually...