How will bands hold up over time?


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Aug 17, 2011
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So the leather cases from Apple can get pretty ugly over time. Will the bands fare any better?

discoloration is to be expected for Apple’s fluoroelastomer Sport and selection of leather bands over time with normal wear and tear similar to the apple leather case. Apple notes that discoloration of leather bands is “due to sweat or lotions” and an “expected behavior”.
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Jul 19, 2013
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I think it will hold up well or at least comparable to current similar bands.

Since I have never had a "rubber" band watch before I have no idea how similar bands hold up. Since it seems to be pretty tough material, I assume it will last a lot longer than the technology in the watch will!:rotfl: As long as it doesn't get all distorted, I'm happy. If it stretches I may have some issues unless it stretches exactly enough to go to the next tighter hole in the band... right now it is a perfect fit where it is at.