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Dieter Bohn

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Feb 1, 2001
iPhone App Lightning Reviews - Get Discounts at the iPhone Blog Store! | The iPhone Blog

It can be native or web, legit or jailbroken. Be sure to include some screenshots as attachments ? on iPhone 2.0, you can just hold down the home and powerbutton briefly and the screenshot will get saved to your camera album. Keep it around 500ish words, be fair, and try not to all review the same apps ? though reviews after major updates are always a good idea. Give it a rating out of 5 stars and a couple pros and cons at the end too, for those crazy skimmers.

?Why would you do all that? Every so often the TiPb staff will be picking our favorites and promoting them to the front page. We?ll thank you by giving back to you. More after the break!

* that unique feeling that comes from having your opinion voiced on the main page of what we think is the best durn iPhone blog around
* the satisfaction of a job well-done
* ?and, oh yeah, a 25% off coupon for our iPhone accessory store that you can use yourself or send along to a friend.

Our iPhone accessory store has made the move over from Phone different (We?re all TiPb now, baby!) and is stocked now with bluetooth headsets, wired headphones, and cases compatible with both the 2G and 3G iPhones, with more coming in for the 3G even as you?re reading this post. Just be sure to click on the device selector in the upper-left to chose which iPhone you?re currently rocking to ensure that you?re getting something compatible.

(p.s. we still have a bug for Safari users that?s preventing uploads, we?re working on it. But the iPhone-ified version of the forums should officially be bug free ? if it ain?t hit us up at to let us know)

Dieter Bohn

Editor Emeritus
Feb 1, 2001
One caveat we forgot to mention: the coupon will take 25% off products but it will *not* take off the shipping costs -- the store folks tell me that there's basically no margins whatsoever on those costs so they don't allow coupons to work on them. Now you know.


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Jul 23, 2008
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Review: Pageonce.

If you like your info consolidated, Pageonce is for you.

The app gathers and displays the data you choose into one easily-navigated page/site. Data is dynamically gathered. Very nice.

I have credit card, bank accounts, frequent flyer accounts of both mine and my wife's from 6 airlines, my Starbucks card, eBay, my Verizon Wireless account data and minutes used, my bookmarks and my gmail messages.

MANY more options are available.

And, it's a FREE APP!

Again, if you like all your data in ONE EASY-TO-VIEW-AND-UPDATE site/page...Pageonce is FOR YOU!

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