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How to watch movies/series

Mohamed Abdoola

New member
Nov 2, 2015
I do enjoy movies on the go and with an OTG cable a USB loaded with series/movies its simply plug in and watch on Note 3.
I don't think its that simple with Apple, how can I watch movies on an iphone 6s plus? Or everything has to be synced via iTunes - unless that's changed now.

I hv BitTorrent v installed on my laptop.
I download movies/series on the laptop and transfer it onto a USB. With the use of an OTG cable I can watch it on my Note 3.

The sales lady at iStore showed me an iFlash Drive that hs the lighting port on the one side & a USB slot on the other. She claims that if I insert the my USB loaded with movies, it should play the movie.

Others said it has to synced via iTunes. Some mentioned to download an app called infuse 3

Really appreciate your help

Thank you

South Africa